The Originals

The Originals

Finney – Morgan – Dailey – Kelly – Doran – TAG
Thu April 17th – Wed May 7th 2008

Lady with Veil

“Lady with Veil” - Malcolm Doran

Gala Reception – Saturday, 19th April, 5-10pm

Come meet Incredible Artists Diane Morgan, Christopher Dailey, Malcolm Doran, and Patrick Kelly. This will be a wonderful opportunity to learn about these stunning paintings from their creators, some of the best artists in the Valley!
White clothes or veils are not required (though feel free!).
Refreshments Served.

The Originals” features new and original artwork by six of the Desert’s most Incredible and talented artists:

  • Vernon Finney – The Master Painter whose stunning images range from the poetic to the surreal.
  • Diane Morgan – The award-winning watercolorist famous for her beautiful and detailed still life paintings, and now her series of miniature oil paintings.
  • Christopher Dailey – The Desert’s most talented young artist, his work can be found around the world.
  • Patrick Kelly – His beautiful paintings of Palm Springs are nostalgic glimpses into the past.
  • Malcolm Doran – His gorgeous female portraits and still life paintings take inspiration from the Great Masters.
  • TAG – One of the hottest new artists on the local art scene, famous for her “Kiss” series painted with her own lips.

Many of these beautiful new artworks will have their first public or gallery appearance at IncredibleArtist.Com. You’ll also have opportunities to watch our artists paint new works in our Gallery window!

Tramway Road

“Tramway Road” - Patrick Kelly

Portraits, landscapes, still lifes, abstraction, surrealism, and just a bit of whimsy thrown in for good measure – this show has it all, and is guaranteed to impress you with just how good this Valley’s local artists really are!
Come to our show, and you may find your new favorite painting…