Incredible Photographers

March 17 – April 3, 2008; 5-10pm Daily

Incredible Photographers

You are invited to a gallery exhibition featuring four incredible photographers, each with a very different view of the world around them:

  • Robert Kawika Sheer is world famous for his Spirit Shadow and Star-Trail photographs that use a single long-exposure lasting up to seven hours to create amazing and magical effects without the need for digital trickery or software manipulation. His show at IncredibleArtist.Com, “Return of the Spirit Shadows“, was a huge success and won him many new fans.
  • Locke Heemstra has traveled the world and captured it with his camera. His stunning views of Italy, France, Austria, Netherlands and the American Southwest are almost literally windows onto our beautiful planet.
  • Jayel Aheram is a US marine on active duty who uses his camera to record his service in Iraq and elsewhere, images you won’t see on the evening news. His recent hit solo show at IncredibleArtist.Com, “The Harsh Desert“, was featured on TV and in the press.
  • Michael Walton specializes in portraits and architecture photography, capturing the beauty of both in his lens. His work can be found in newspaper and magazine advertisements, on websites, and on the walls of galleries and restaurants.

The IncredibleArtist.Com Gallery also features Master Artist Vernon Finney, award-winning watercolorist Diane Morgan, talented young Christopher Dailey, assemblage artists Linda & Charles Perkins, black canvas specialist Scott Worden, and acclaimed Raku potter John Melkonian. Most of our artists are local.

Reception – Sat March 22nd – 5-10pm

Come meet some of our incredible photographers and artists.
Refreshments served.


“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.” — Ansel Adams
This is your invitation to become that second person in these photographs!