Linda & Charles Perkins

Linda & Charles Perkins

Linda & Charles Perkins

Artist Statement

We have been “artners” sculpting wire for about eight years now, partners for over 30 years. Thanks for supporting our work.

We are self-taught and work from the inspiration found in everyday life. Much of our work is made from recycled, re-purposed materials. Bohemians and scavengers at heart, we believe things often have another beauty – another life – after its original purpose is complete. And it is our job to find it.

The work itself is environmentally friendly. Often, it is accomplished “four-handed”; we don’t play with fire – no soldering, welding, or any of that. We simply bend the wire, using the most precious of energy, our own.

Most of our pieces tell stories, stories that manifest over time. In layers. They evolve organically, and observers tend to have their own intuitive experience with the work.

Some people describe our art work as Modern. Contemporary. Folk. We are not quite sure how to categorize it ourselves. We do know for a fact that each piece finds exactly the right home, at the right time.

Together we work and play and build our art in our studio at the beach in Oceanside, California, under the watchful eyes of our dog Zoe.

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