Andy Anh Ha 48 Hour Designer Sale

The IncredibleArtist.Com Gallery is presenting a 48-hour Designer Sale on all original Andy Anh Ha artworks offering designer rates to the public. Andy Anh Ha is an LA-based painter who is endlessly fusing his imagination into a canvas. He is originally from Nashville, TN and relocated to LA in 2004 after graduating from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a BFA in Fine Arts.

Andy Anh HaHis work runs the gamut between modern-contemporary, to Dada-mixed media. Metals, texts, acrylic, spray paint, and polymers regularly appear in his work in addition to traditional oils.

“From childhood until this day, I’ve been molded to be an artist – someone who creates.” says Andy. Growing up on welfare within a first-generation Asian-American family of three brothers and a sister, life often presented Andy with many difficult choices at a young age. Instead of crumbling with his surroundings, he’d always choose creativity
instead of destruction.

Free delivery and Installation is offered on all artworks Purchased. Additionally Photography by Paul Koester, Gary Borgstedt, Michael E. Gordon Photography will be available. For additional information or directions call 760-641-0732.