Paul W. Koester Introduces His “Believe Tree” Series

Acclaimed Photographer Paul W. Koester introduces Believe Tree in a new two-part series offered in both motivational and designer styles and colors.

The first part of the series presents Believe Tree Enchanted in full beauty and strength without the visible message present. From the design eye, the photography emits a poignant and courageous theme for any home or office. Sharing its message in all of Mother Nature’s glory; its branches extending into a mosaic revealing a lifetime of outward strength.

Believe Tree

“Believe Tree Enchanted” seen in one of its many designer forms. Image and design created by Paul W. Koester

The second and original half of the Believe Tree series is an overture for the motivational mind. Inviting one to arouse, influence, and transcend a refreshing devotion to their inner strength.

With a wide variety of backgrounds, colors, and sizes available. Paul has given us photography which is truly inspirational as well as artistically impressive.

The inspiration behind Believe Tree came as Paul began to see parallels and patterns in his life and other’s lives. We are all involved in different circumstances but fundamentally it came down to our needs, wants, desires, and deficits. Paul especially sees this trend in creative types, “Sometimes as artists or creative people we deal with things. We often doubt ourselves, we over think, and we lose our mojo. Sometimes we need to be reminded that we need to believe in ourselves.”

After recalling the encounters throughout the year. Paul began to write his thoughts, feelings, and aspirations down on paper which ultimately took on the shape and form of a beautiful, strong, amazing tree. Now he was inspired to find the perfect tree that would represent the power and beauty of these beliefs. Armed with his camera and commitment he then set off to seek and ultimately capture this iconic image.

Believe Tree

“Believe Tree” on teal background with motivational words. Image and design created by Paul W. Koester

The many messages of personal growth in Believe Tree are an offering Paul has made possible for everyone; to find belief and beauty for life.

Give yourself or someone special in your life the gift of Believe Tree today, knowing it will uplift the energy and look of any home or office.

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