Pumpkin Festival Photos

The Pumpkin Carving Festival, hosted by IncredibleArtist.Com and Starbucks Coffee, was an immense success. Dozens of kids of all ages (and a few adults) came along to carve some truly amazing pumpkins. The event, part of the Starbucks “Make Your Mark” program, raised money for the Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert.

Just before the event, hard-working Starbucks staff hollowed out all of the pumpkins.

The participants arrived, selected their pumpkins, and got to work carving their ideas. Artist Cid Newsome brought along pages of clever ideas for inspiration.

Artist Kandy Allen attended in a groovy far-out outfit and brought along a suitably macabre artwork.

Parents helped the younger kids with their carving, assisted by artists Kandy Allen, Bijan (with his helpful son Ian), and Malcolm Doran.

Some of the contestants had never carved pumpkins before, and one family from abroad was enjoying their first Halloween here.

As the sun set, candles were lit in each of the pumpkins, and judging began!


The event judges were: Betty Barker, Sherri Breyer, Louisa Castrodale, Tim Esser, Gloria Greer, Barbara Hochberg, Richard Kite (mayor of Rancho Mirage), Judi Miller, and Stacy Wiedmaier.

The pumpkins were divided into three categories: Happy/Funny, Scary, and Creative. The designs ranged from the traditional to the quite inventive. The judges had an incredibly difficult time scoring because of the high quality of the carved pumpkins.

Michael of IncredibleArtist.com totaled up the scores and awarded the prizes to the winners. CDMoD had gifts for all of the participants, and they also got to take their pumpkins home with them!


Award-winning filmmaker Joel Hochberg was on hand to film the event, and created a delightful short video, “PumpkinMania”:


We have a lot of photos, taken by IncredibleArtist.com, Eva Doran, Cid Newsome, and Starbucks: