Donate Your Red Glass for World AIDS Day Ribbon

Charles Perkins with prototype

Charles Perkins with prototype

December 1st is World AIDS Day, and this year IncredibleArtist.Com and assemblage artists Linda & Charles Perkins are working with the Desert AIDS Project to create a 3′ x 2′ glass-and-copper red AIDS ribbon that will hang permanently over the DAP’s main entrance.

The picture shows artist Charles Perkins with the small prototype.

The artists still desperately need more red glass for the final version: Broken, cracked, whole, ruby glass, whatever you might have, vases, bowls, glasses, plates, Avon Cape Cod design, blown glass shards (1″ or larger), etc. Any red piece of glass will help, but please note that painted glass won’t work (only truly red glass). Please respond ASAP if you can help! We need it now and through November 20.

If you do have red glass, please contact the artists, Linda & Charles Perkins, directly: or 760-473-4955.

From one of our glass donors:

“I have a ruby red glass with clear footed base which I would like to donate to your cause. I normally wouldn’t part with this because it belonged to my late brother-in-law and was left to my son (his nephew). For this cause I think he would approve. You see my late brother-in-law … lived in Palm Springs and died of AIDS several years ago. [He] was very active in the Desert AIDS project. Up to his death he volunteered many hours.”

Please search your home, local charity stores, stores that sell decorative glass or glassware (and may have damaged items to donate), etc.