Shiny Apple Award

Palm Springs Unified School District
Palm Springs, California
Shiny Apple Award
Rick Pantele
Owner, Incredible Art Gallery

Rick Pantele receiving Shiny Apple Award

Rick Pantele receiving Shiny Apple Award

The staff and students of the Palm Springs Unified School District would like to salute Rick Pantele for his extensive efforts and generosity in providing a high quality and unique experience in the Fine Arts to the students of the District.

“Reach” is a powerful oil painting that communicates the possibilities a person has to reach for their own potential despite obstacles. During a discussion on how to make this painting available to the art departments for each school in Palm Springs Unified School District, Rick’s response was, “Let’s not just donate a print; let’s take the actual painting on the road to the students!”

Rick’s vision kept expanding, and by the time the painting was ready to travel the District, there were 15 works of art, along with the three other artists on board. This group visited middle and high schools providing a total of 12 separate art shows. Rick enlisted community support and underwrote the balance of the expense personally. The artists volunteered their time, and handled all of the manual labor involved in setting up and breaking down the shows.

The response, like the name of Rick’s gallery, was “incredible.” The students were thrilled to see the paintings in such an unusual and personal venue. The artists’ stories were captivating, and the students were able to ask questions and interact with Rick and the other artists one-on-one. Rick had special cards printed with a picture of the “Reach” painting to hand out to each student. Additionally, he donated a copy of the “Reach” lithograph to each site, so that the schools would have a momento of the visit. Due to the generosity of Rick Pantele, students who would never have dreamed of such an experience had the impossible become a reality.

This was quite an unusual undertaking which had a tremendous impact on the District’s students. For the serious art students, it was especially inspirational and informative. For all attendees, the show spoke to the power of imagination and creative thinking. Rick was unfailingly enthusiastic and generous throughout the entire process. He is changing lives through his gift of making art the bond that ties.

On behalf of the students and staff of the Palm Springs Unified School District, members of the Governing Board and administration, it is a pleasure to present you with the District’s Shiny Apple Award. You have truly made a difference!

Regular Board Meeting
January 22, 2008