Desert Sun: Art Party Weekend

Gallery hosting ‘Art Party Weekend’ to celebrate opening

By Katie Ruark • Palm Springs Sun • September 7, 2007

PS Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting, 7 Sep 2007The Incredible Artists gallery is hosting Art Party Weekend Thursday through Sunday to celebrate the new gallery’s ribbon-cutting and to kick off the season.

The free parties with appetizers and beverages include “Meet the Artist” programs, where customers can socialize with four artists whose work is featured at the gallery, 333 N. Palm Canyon Drive, said owner Rick Pantele.

Here’s what some of the artists had to say:

What do you like about Incredible Artists?

Diane Morgan: gallery is full of energy and passion. The creative energy is palpable when you enter the showroom. Every artist loves what they are doing and it shows. It shows in the work and it shows in the relationships between everyone associated with the gallery. There’s a great camaraderie. It’s a great place to hang out.

Christopher Dailey: The gallery has a unique approach to art, taking it out of the stuffy art world context and letting the image speak to the viewer on more human terms. It is accessible, and friendly.

Vernon Finney: It recognizes talent and promotes it. The energy created at the gallery presents art in a personal way and it’s successful in accomplishing that.

What do you like best about meeting customers who buy your work?

Diane Morgan: I often become friends with them.

Christopher Dailey: When I see a specific look in a customer’s eyes that says “this piece is personal and meaningful to me.” I love knowing my creations can touch people.

Vernon Finney: That they have felt the same and see it differently for the first time. Then we have connected.

What can you learn from other artists by socializing with them?

Diane Morgan: It expands your perspective on subject matter and technique. Being open to new ideas improves your work.

Christopher Dailey: Everything. The cross-pollination of ideas is very important.

Vernon Finney: Trends, and who does what, where and with whom? Great for an exchange of ideas and techniques.

Who do you think your work most appeals to?

Diane Morgan: My work is very realistic. It appeals to people who prefer a more literal interpretation of nature. Watercolor enthusiasts are a special niche. People who enjoy watercolor are very knowledgeable about the technique. They understand and appreciate the difficulty.

Christopher Dailey: It depends on the piece, I like to think I have something for everyone.

Vernon Finney: Almost everyone, but mostly those under 50. Even children have wonderful perception and ask difficult questions.

Where do you get your inspiration for your work?

Diane Morgan: My inspiration comes from everything around me. I see potential art in almost everything I see. I like to take simple, everyday items, add a little drama or mystery to them and get people to take a closer look.

Christopher Dailey: The natural beauty of the places around me, and the range of emotions these places represent.

Vernon Finney: From that ethereal form out. Or in my head when I shut the world out and get in the NOW. Great ideas appear in stunning detail and color.

What is your favorite piece you’ve ever done and why?

Diane Morgan: A little still life “Cherries and Lace” of some cherries on my grandmother’s plate. It has such sentimental value to me. It was also published in International Artist Magazine. I was so thrilled to receive that honor.

Christopher Dailey: I can’t say that I have a favorite. I am more excited about the pieces yet to come than anything I have already done.

Vernon Finney: My favorite painting is my next painting, because the old ones are history. The one I am working on is almost history, and the next one is a challenge waiting.